Three common myths you'll find when playing blackjack

  • That the dealer's hole card is 10 . The most common when playing blackjack myth is that the dealer's card is worth 10. Although it is a possibility, the truth is that it is far away. Since only 30% of the cards in the deck have this value, the more likely that the dealer does not have October 1 . So you can play a little more strategically to increase your chances of winning.
  • Bad players reduce your chances of winning . Many professionals think that playing blackjack with low level player unlucky. The truth is thatthe presence or actions of other players have no effect on the outcome of the game . The only effect that can cause it to play fewer hands per hour -for this reason, blackjack professionals say the best table only play the dealer and you-. However, you will have problems if people trying to talk to you as you try to concentrate on the game.
  • You should make sure bet . Many people think when playing blackjack you should take the safe bet when the dealer has an ace discovered. However, this bet is one of the worst you can do in this game because, having many chances to win, you give up about 13% of your potential profits .


Some novice players follow a blackjack strategies that are inappropriate and offer a greater advantage to the dealer. These rules are:

  • Play as the dealer . This is one of the worst blackjack strategies. If you think the casino has an advantage over the players-in fact, the has- not have an advantage over the casino if you imitate the dealer. The dealer does not follow the basic strategies of the game . On the contrary, has some basic rules on how to play and if they are followed by the player, this is placed himself at a disadvantage. For example, the dealer must stand has 17. Also, never split or double your bet.
  • Never spend 21 . This is another strategy blackjack inadequate. Although you should not pass, there are situations that worth the risk. If you decide to follow this strategy, you should plantarte with 12 or 13, even very low cards .Then you will not lose because you spend 21 but because the dealer will have more points than you.
  • Always believe that the hole card is worth 10 . One of the most used strategies blackjack is to act thinking the dealer's hole card is equivalent to 10. Although there are many cards with this value in the deck, the odds that the dealer has a letter with this value is below 50% . Although this strategy may be useful, it can also be very dangerous if you do not know how to play certain hands, as hard hands of 12-16 points-. It is best to know the odds of the game thoroughly and decide if you take the risk of assuming the letter hidden as 10.

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